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We have built a collection of articles and reports, developed from over 25 years of experience in the industry.
Question & Answer Secrets

The 5 Fatal PR Flaws for Startups

Reporting Techniques You Should Know
Defusing Leading Questions
Question and Answer Secrets
Many executives and spokespersons adequately rehearse and prepare for their presentations but still neglect to give the Q&A portion of their appearances proper attention.

The 5 Fatal PR Flaws for Startups
When entrepreneurial companies begin public relations campaigns, many do so without the assistance of an experienced advisor. Learn the 5 most common PR mistakes made by inexperienced business managers.

Reporting Techniques You Should Know
Reporters use various techniques to evoke additional information from their guests or to encourage them to phrase their responses in a more vivid and controversial fashion. Know the reporter's techniques before your sit down for that interview.

Defuse Leading Questions
The impact of a great presentation can be destroyed by one poor response to a question. Among the types of questions that can provoke dangerous answers are leading questions. Prevent a potential PR debacle by learning how to defuse leading questions in advance.

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